Polish Female Comics. Double Portrait {recenja}

double portrait„(…)I’m hoping that this anthology is just the first of many attempts by Centrala to reach out to a larger audience, because there’s clearly a great deal of strong work here that deserves wider recognition. It’s to the Polish scene’s credit that no single visual style seems to be particularly in vogue, which makes sense considering the wide variety of influences that are cycling through the scene. There’s a freshness and lack of cynicism that stands out in this book, as using comics as a means of expression and possibly even making a living from it is still a new idea. Hopefully, this book can serve to further link Poland to the wider European and international comics scenes”.

{fragment recenzji z strony The Comics Journal, autor: Rob Clough, całość :tu:}

Na Issuu można zobaczyć przykładowe strony:  klik! klik!

Antologię można zamówić w sklepie Picture Book za 49,90 zło – {klik! klik!}


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