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See this spot?


At the end of the Comics Artventures week there was also a comics workshop at the Polish female comics exhibition Double Portrait. The workshop which was fully booked out and got great feedback from the participants was led by Maria Ines Gul and Renata Gasiorowska. Some pictures of it you can find here, but now you can also read a comics about it made by the participant Edgars Sims! {za: kuš!}

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Double Portrait in Riga

Więcej zdjęć znajduje się w albumie .:tu:.
Opis imprezy .:ze zdjęciami:. Comics Artventures (International Comics Week Riga, 20.11-25.11.2012) na blogu kuš!

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Abecedex 2012

{szczegóły konkursów po kliknięciu na plakat}

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